"A labor of love, this book arose from a genuine desire to share important experiences from our political history. My greatest hope is that we can take these stories to heart and use them to help advance our collective struggles for liberation."



Kris Hermes is a Bay Area–based activist who has worked for nearly thirty years on social justice issues. Organizing with ACT UP Philadelphia in the late 1990s spurred his interest in legal support work and led to his co-founding and years-long involvement with R2K Legal. Since 2000, Hermes has been an active, award-winning legal worker-member of the National Lawyers Guild and has been a part of numerous law collectives and legal support efforts over the years. In this capacity, he has organized dozens of press conference and spoken at numerous community meetings, political conferences, book fairs, and other similar events across the U.S. Hermes has written extensively in his professional career as a media worker and as a legal activist.

Marina Sitrin (Foreword) is a writer, lawyer, teacher, organizer, and dreamer. She is editor of Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina, author of Everyday Revolutions: Horizontalism & Autonomy in Argentina and coauthor of They Can't Represent US! Reinventing Democracy from Greece to Occupy. She has a JD in International Women's Human Rights from CUNY Law School and a PhD in Global Sociology from Stony Brook University.

Heidi Boghosian (Afterword) is the executive director of the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute and former executive director of the National Lawyers Guild. She is the cohost of the weekly civil liberties radio show Law and Disorder. She received her JD from Temple Law School where she was the editor in chief of the Temple Political & Civil Rights Law Review. She also holds an MS from Boston University and a BA from Brown University. She is the author of Spying on Democracy: Government Surveillance, Corporate Power, and Public Resistance.

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